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Welcome to the Deviant Babe of the Week. Our aim here is to showcase the hottest punk, goth, emo and raver girls on the Internet. These girls are real, not some dumb model in makeup. If you want to nominate yourself or someone you've seen, shoot us an email at and let us know about it. New Deviant Babes are posted every Wednesday.

Deviant Babe of the Week, Nov 7th, 2006

Known as Lydia to people who feel stupid calling me Dischordia, I am a multitalented lady who revels in perversity for perversity's sake. I am fascinated by the dark places that polite society shies away from and will make any excuse to explore them at every opportunity. A deviant by nature, I love black humour and extreme situations…strangely I seem to find myself in them all too often…and usually with darkly entertaining consequences.

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