Next Door Nikki Gallery

Hi guys! My name is Nikki, as if you couldnít guess. I know that a lot of you are curious about one specific detail, so here is the deal. My breasts are REAL! Nothing fake about em, they are all mine.

Ok, so I am totally new to this whole website thing and really excited about it. Itís cool to see pictures of myself on the web. It all happened so fast too, one minute I am talking to my friend Tiffany and the next thing I know I am in a thong a t-shirt in front of phil-flashís camera. It was totally unreal.

Right now I am going to college, yay! Ok, um, so itís not that great but Iíll get over it. I am currently completeing all of my general classes and then moving on to the fast paced world of corporate accounting. Yeah that isnít so great either but what are you going to do. Well enjoy my tour.


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